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Motion Sensor LED Lights

Motion Sensor LED Lights

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Introducing our cutting-edge LED marvel – a 100% fresh design of top-notch quality! Motion Sensor LED Lights for walls and other uses within and outside the home and office.

Unleash the power of high-efficiency white LED technology for a life illuminated, unleash Motion Sensor LED Lights. From energy-saving brilliance to eco-friendly explosions of light, it's your versatile ally, fitting any spot with its cool, long-lasting radiance. But wait, there's more!

Packed with human thermal infrared detection and ultra-responsive induction tech, Motion Sensor LED Lights got senses sharper than a pup's ears. Step in, and like magic, the light dances on; step away, and it vanishes into the night. And with a built-in day-night recognition system, Motion Sensor LED Lights are on standby for the sun and lights up like a champ for the moon. Plus, we've seamlessly blended the infrared sensor switch into the LED light, giving you easy install, elegance, and top-tier energy efficiency. Illuminate your world with a touch of futuristic charm – light the way, the smart way with our Motion Sensor LED Lights!

  • Bright Light without the glare: The LED lamp emits light on the side. The light is refracted to the light guide plate through the reflector, and then evenly distributed on the lamp surface through the diffuser plate. This light is brighter (with a brightness of up to 300 lumens), 
  • Easy To Install: With a Built-in Magnet to Stick on Any ironwork: This wireless motion sensor light can stick on any ironwork, or you can use the included adhesive tape to stick on any non-iron article surface. 
  • Modes: These stick on lights have a 3 mode switch which is On-Off-G to set it always ON, Off or Motion Sensor mode. Therefore, you can use these lights as normal night lights for closet/cabinet/drawer or motion sensor light. under G mode and dark environment, these under cabinet lights will automatically sense human motion within 3m/120° range and shuts off automatically after 20 seconds of no movement.
  • USB Rechargeable and Energy Saving: These led battery operated lights built-in are easily charged via the USB cable(included). After fully charged, the wireless under cabinet lighting can last for about 3 hours when you make it always ON mode, and way longer when in motion sensor (G) mode (based on on activation 10 times a day).
  • Extremely Stylish: to ensure your home and office look great with this add-on Motion Sensor LED Lights.

Battery Specifications by size:

12cm is 300mAH,
23cm is 1500mAH
40cm is 3000mAH
60cm is 4500mAH


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