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Foldable & Portable Pet or Kids Pool

Foldable & Portable Pet or Kids Pool

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Foldable & Portable Pet or Kids Pool

The foldable and portable pet or kids pool, perfect for outdoor fun and easy storage.


  • Portable and Simple: You don’t have to worry about inflating or complex setup instructions- Just unfold it and fill the Foldable & Portable Pet or Kids Pool with water. When your kids and/or pets have enjoyed themselves and it's time to get cleaned up, the Foldable & Portable Pet or Kids Pool can be easily folded up pretty small for easy storage and carry with you everywhere.

  • Sturdy and Durable: Made of EXTRA Tough PVC exterior and fiberboard inside. The corners are well-sealed and bound to prevent breakage and Leakage. It will stand up even with a large dog playing in it.

  • Cool and Fun: Splash in the pool. Let your kids and pets enjoy their own pool to play in is the greatest way to help them to beat the heat during the hot summer. Your pet might jump in and out to his content and lie down for a long soak. Thats the magic of the Foldable & Portable Pet or Kids Pool

  • Multiple Purpose: It helps keep your dog cool in a swimming pool. Plus, it can be used as a dog bath, outdoor cat\dog pool, collapsible dog bathtub, fish pond, toddler\baby bath, kids play pool, outdoor water pond, sandbox, or ball pit. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

  • Available Size and Easy Maintenance: It comes in 2 sizes with 32” X8” and 48”x12” to accommodate small to large dogs. Both of the sizes are equipped with a drain makes it easy to empty the pool quickly whenever your canine is done with it.

Blue Water Pattern sizes: 80*20cm,  120*30cm, 160*30cm.
Red Ocean Wave 80*20cm, 120*30cm, 160*30cm.


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