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Premium Cooling Pet Mat for Summer

Premium Cooling Pet Mat for Summer

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Beat the Heat! Keep your Pet Cool.

Premium Pet Cooling pad/mat is made of cool to the touch fabric, waterproof cloth and an anti-slip cloth bottom. You may want a premium cooling pet mat for yourself if it were large enough!

It is soft and comfortable, environmentally friendly and washable!

Enhance your pet's summer experience with this trendy and practical premium cooling pet mat, offering a cool and cozy spot for them to rest and unwind. Give your pet the feeling of cooling down quickly on hot summer days with our premium cooling pet mat.

This premium cooling pet mat doesn't need water, electricity or cooling, and feels cool when it touches the surface. This ice silk premium cooling pet mat/pad can absorb the body heat of pets, maintain a comfortable temperature, relax and soothe them.

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 Size Recommended Weight
S 1.0 - 2.5 kg
M 2.5 - 5.5 kg
L 5.5 - 10 kg
XL 10-15 kg

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